Stage Music

op 0 Avant Garde Music Hall I 1974

10 songs with piano, clarinets, saxophone, drum, bass

op 0 "L'Etranger" (Camus) (7 pieces for solo flute) 1974
op 0 Avant Garde Music Hall II 1975

8 numbers for 3 reeds, voice, double bass, piano

op 0 Avant Garde Music Hall III 1976

10 numbers with piano, bass, drum

op 0 “Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme” (Moliere) 1976

operatic scene with soprano, tenor, bass and piano

op 0 Avant Garde Music Hall IV 1977

8 numbers for guitar, bass guitar, electric piano, drums

op 0 “The Master Goes to Town” (Avery) 1977

Christopher Rathbone provided four musical items for this Silver Jubilee Common Room production written by Robert Avery.

op 0 The Ass and the Philosophers, 4 pieces for flute solo 1983
op 27 Music for “King Lear” 1973

2 trumpets, timps, bass drum, snare drum, cymbals

op 29 Love’s Labours Lost 1975

2 songs and music for 2 flutes, oboe, bass, harpsichord

op 31 “Coriolanus” – music for organ clusters 1976
op 32 “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” 1977

7 numbers for flute, string quartet

op 36 “Pierce’s Cave”, (Avery) an opera in two acts 1980

This is Rathbone's 'magnum opus' to date, a full-length opera (2 hours) to a poetic libretto by the late Robert Avery (died April 2012), and based on a short play by Avery about a historical figure who took refuge on the Great Blasket Island during the Cromwellian invasion of Ireland. The orchestra is a standard small symphony orchestra. Several orchestral interludes are playable separately (Prelude (Dawn), Storm, Passacaglia, Pierce awaits death.) There are copies of the vocal score available (225 pages).

op 38 “Marlborough Blues” – revue by Robert Avery 1981

Christopher provided 12 numbers for 2 violins, cello, double bass, flute, clarinet/saxophone, horn, trombone, drums and piano for this show written and produced by Robert Avery. Four items were later arranged for piano quartet for a Summer School recital.

op 48 “The Young Visiters” (Daisy Ashford) - A musical 1983

musical with 13 songs (lyrics J Byrom)

op 49 “The Rose and the Ring” (Thackeray) - A musical 1986

musical with 13 songs

op 51 “King Lear”, music for organ 1989

The music for Robert Avery's last Marlborough production was written for and recorded on the college Chapel organ, employing flourishes, fanfares and clusters chords to reflect and enhance the atmosphere of the play. A selection of the organ music was later worked up into a 13 minute (rather unusual) organ fantasia for concert and recital use.