Chamber music, and works for organ and other instruments

op 0 Music for "Candide", for harpsichord 1979
op 0 Romanze for clarinet and piano 1982

This short piece for clarinet and piano was written for the composer's niece Hester.

op 0 Rondo – Minuet, for 2 trumpets, 2 horns 1985
op 1 Sextet for piano and wind 1964/9
op 4 Sonata in one movement for horn and piano 1965

This short work (dedicated to the memory of Sibelius) includes a theme from the 1st Symphony of Sibelius and was composed for Martin Weaver, a school friend and horn player.

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op 7 Contrasts for horn and organ 1965
op 17 Allegramente for piano and orchestra 1969
op 19 Three pieces for piano 1969
op 38 Suite from “Marlborough Blues” for piano quartet 1981/4

This short suite of songs from 'Marlborough Blues' op 38 consists of four arrangements for piano quartet of songs from the show: School song, Sentimental duet, B house boys, and Waltz-finale. The suite was first performed at a Summer School concert at Marlborough College.

op 52 Sonata for cello and piano 1990/91

A 20-minute sonata first played by Tom Rathbone when he was 15, later recorded by him on the Amphion CD 'This Endris Night'. The movements are Slow - Allegro, Adagio, Scherzo (Allegro), Passacaglia (Andante, Piu mosso, Lento)

Sonata for cello and piano 1990/91
op 53 Overture and Suite (Terzetto) for flute, clarinet and piano

This colourful suite, sometimes referred to as a 'Terzetto', has four movements, a motoric Overture, a tragic Adagio, an entertaining Intermezzo in a 7/8 dancing rhythm, and an exciting Finale. In November 2011 it was recorded by 'Daniel's Beard' now available on a new Meridian CD. The duration is about 16 minutes.

op 54 Sonata for violin and piano 1992

This piece was composed soon after the Cello sonata op 52, but had to wait until October 2013 for a performance by Alastair Savage and the composer at Ilkley. There are four concise movements, Andante con moto - poco animato, Scherzo (Vivace in 7/8), Chaconne (Andante), and Finale (Vivo in 5/8). The piece is now available on a pdf of a Sibelius file, by return of e-mail.

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op 56 Elegy for cello and piano

Recorded by Tom Rathbone and Linda Cochrane for a Meridian CD, now available. Typeset by CBR in August 2015, avaible by e-mail on a pdf.

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op 57 Intermezzo (Reveries) for clarinet and piano 1993-4

A useful solo for clarinet with a richly harmonic piano accompaniment. The piece was performed in Bradford Cathedral by Dawn Bowen, clarinet, and Christopher Rathbone, piano, on Wednesday February 20th 2013 as part of the lunchtime organ recital series. This performance is available on a private CD.

op 59 Andante lirico for clarinet and piano

This short piece is a study in Messiaen's 'Mode 2' scale, which has produced a lyrical piece full of rich harmonic colour; it dates from Jan. 1995.

op 61 Clarinet quintet 1995

Recorded by 'Daniel's Beard' in Nov. '11 for a Meridian CD, now available. A single movement work with a variety of moods and tempi within a 10-minute work. First performed in Shrivenham, Wilts, in 1995, and later several times by Daniel's Beard on tour in Glasgow, Kendal and Yorkshire in October 2012.

op 63 Aire and Wharfe, suite for clarinet, cello and piano 1997

This colourful suite for Clarinet Trio has four movements describing four places in West Yorkshire where the Rathbones had recently moved when the music was written in 1997: Morley (a bustling Allegro grazioso); the Aire at Kirkstall Abbey (a chaconne marked Adagio); the Chevin, above Wharfedale (an intermezzo headed Poco Allegretto); and Headingley (more hyperactive bustle, marked Moderato). It was recorded by members of Daniel's Beard in November 2011 for a Meridian CD. The piece was omitted from the final production, so only exists on an unedited private CD.

op 65 Twenty-five preludes for piano 1998

Each of these little pieces has a single idea, contained in a page or so. The complete set was performed at the Yorkshire College of Music c. 2004 by the composer, and four were recorded by the composer on a double CD of 'Music at Castle Howard' in 2005. There is one piece in each key, plus a grand finale.

op 67 Three bagatelles for cello and piano 1998

These three short pieces each explore a single idea: the Andante has a simple cello melody accompanied by chiming piano figures; the Presto vivo pursues sherzando figures, scurrying semiquavers in the 'cello with percussive quaver chords in the piano; the final Moderato exploits pizzicato glissandos with sighing piano figures. The set was written for a charity concert given by the composer and his son Tom in 1998, and have been recorded by Tom and Linda Cochrane on a newly released Meridian CD. The piece has now been type-set and is available from the composer.

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op 70 Introduction and allegro for piano duet 1998
op 73 Variations on “Picardy” for trumpet and organ 1999

This virtuoso set of variations is based on the hymn-tune Picardy, to which is sung the hymn 'Let all mortal flesh keep silence'. It has been performed at Leeds Parish Church and Mill Hill Chapel, Leeds by David Brook, at St Michael's Headingly by Philip McCann and at St Margaret's Ilkley by Geoff Cloke, all with the composer at the organ.

op 86 “Tree” for two violins and organ 2001

This is a rather unusual piece for two solo violins and organ, inspired by Isobel Rathbone's report of a large tree in Wantage. It was recorded by the violinists of 'Daniel's Beard' with the composer at the organ in November 2011 for future release by Meridian. The first performance was in Kent.

op 99 Suite for harpsichord 2004

This is a suite for solo harpsichord. The movements are: Praeludio, Scherzetto, Minuet, Cappriccio, Sarabande, Courante. There is also a short Lamento for two harpsichords - a sort of bonus track!

op 100 Quartet for organ and string trio 2004

This unusual work may well be the first quartet for organ and strings ever written. It is in one continuous movement, enclosing a central passacaglia that interrupts the opening section, whose material is reworked in the final section. It is about 12 - 13 minutes in duration. A Meridian CD is now available  containing this piece along with other chamber works by CBR. The work has received public performances at Meanwood Church in 2007 and at St Margaret's Ilkley in 2011.

Score and parts available from the composer in a type-set version on pdf.

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op 101 “Tarn Hows”, rhapsody for violin, cello and organ 2004

This is an atmospheric, rhapsodic piece setting the passionate sounds of violin and cello against the still, quiet organ sound. It attempts to capture the uncanny silence of a walk round the Tarn (near Coniston in the Lake District), where the silence can be deafening! The piece was recorded by Tom and Christopher Rathbone with Alastair Savage in November 2011 for the recent CD release by Meridian. It has twice been performed by Tom,Sophie and Christopher Rathbone, at Meanwood in 2007, and more recently in St Margaret's Ilkley.

op 114 Visiting Cards for piano 2009-14

This is a book of  short fugues,variations etc based on the (musical) names of the dedicatees, begun in 2009. There are 37 pieces to date, several of which are typeset (Ant & Bee, Catherine & Kevin Cheater, Godfrey and Philippa, and Kimberley), and one (for Paul and Dawn Bowen) recorded live  at a Bradford Cathedral recital (on a private CD.)

op 117 Daniel's Razor 2010

'Daniel's Beard' is the name of a chamber ensemble based in Glasgow's West End. 'Daniel's Razor' is a short, 5-minute piece for the core ensemble of clarinet, horn, string trio and piano, and was composed in late 2010. It was recorded in November 2011 by 'Daniel's Beard' for a Meridian CD of Christopher Rathbone's chamber music. The first public performance was given by the composer with 5 members of 'Daniel's Beard' on October 6th 2012 at St Margaret's Ilkley. The score and parts are available in typeset form (pdf) from the composer. The piece featured in the Cottiers Dance Project (again played by Daniel's Beard) on 26th June 2015 as part of the West End Festival in Glasgow.

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op 120 Quintet for horn and strings 2011

This work was written in Sept. 2011 for Andy Saunders and the members of Daniel's Beard, and was recorded in November for the new Meridian CD of Christopher Rathbone's Chamber Music. It is scored for the same line-up as Mozart's famous horn quintet, (violin, two violas and 'cello) and is in three short, linked movements lasting about 11 minutes. The first 5 public performances were given by Andy Saunders and Daniel's Beard in Glasgow, Ambleside and Yorkshire on the 4th - 8th October 2012.It was typeset by the composer in October 2014. Pdfs of the score and parts are available from the composer.

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op 122 Piano Quartet in One Movement 2012

This work was written for the St Margaret's String Trio to play with the composer. It is an 8 minute single-movement work. Typeset score and parts are available from the composer as a pdf.

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op 125 Andante cantabile for viola,'cello and piano - 2013

This extended single-movement work was written in January-February 2013, with Nadine Wharton and the late Ruth Cheney in mind, as well as Sophie and Tom Rathbone. Duration c. 8 minutes. It has had one informal performance, in Fewston church, by Ruth, Nadine and CBR. Typeset late 2015, and played through by Tom, Sophie and CBR, but still awaiting a 2nd performance! 

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op 129 A Phrygian Suite for viola and piano, 2014

5 short movements for viola and piano:

Andante (5/8) Allegro scherzando (3/4) Adagio (C) Allegretto (8/8) Fugue cum passacaglia (3/4). Composed January 2014 for Ruth Cheney - now deceased -  and Sophie Rathbone. (Their names provided the theme for the last movement!) It has been typeset by the composer. Time of performance: c.10 minutes.

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op 132 Wind Quintet - 2015

This piece is a quintet in four movements: Prelude, Scherzando, Adagio, Alla marcia. It was requested by Andy Saunders for the wind quintet of 'Daniel's Beard'. Score and parts are available from the composer in his own typeset edition.

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op 134 Berceuse for Charlotte for two trumpets and organ - July 201

This short piece (about 3 minutes) was written for a concert of 'Royal Music' at St Margaret's Ilkley on August 1st, 2015. It was written on Friday 24th July and type-set the following day.

'Charlotte' could be Princess Charlotte of Wales (b. 2015) or perhaps Charlotte Rathbone (b.2014)! 

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op 141 Aussie bird scherzo for piano

A short piano piece written in Coff's Harbour, NSW, after being kept awake by the unidentified bird

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